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A new way to help American workers keep their working wages free.

Under the 1988 Supreme Court decision Communications Workers of America v. Beck every member of a union is entitled to a full refund of their dues that are not directly used for representing them. Until now though, it’s been almost impossible for any member to find out exactly how much their refund should be.

The process is simple. Choose your labor state from the list below. Fill out some basic information and UnionRefund will automatically generate a letter that you can print and mail to your union representative to claim your individual refund. UnionRefund will also send a courtesy notification letter to your union to ensure a quick resolution for your request. Itís that easy!

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Michigan's Proposal 2 Would Allow Government Union Contracts to Invalidate Existing and Future State Laws
Oct. 1, 2012
If Proposal 2 passes on Nov. 6, government union collective bargaining agreements could invalidate numerous state laws meant to improve the quality of public services, and it would likely negate a projected $1.6 billion in annual taxpayer savings, according to a new Mackinac Center study released today.

Every union member in America is potentially owed hundreds of dollars from their union. Yet most don't know how to go about getting their hard earned money back. Let your friends and co-workers know that UnionRefund.org is here to help them get their money back today.
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What People Are Saying About Union Dues

From Davenport v. Washington Ed. Assn.:

ďAs applied to public-sector unions, ß760 is not fairly described as a restriction on how the union can spend its money; it is a condition placed upon the unionís extraordinary state entitlement to acquire and spend other peopleís money.Ē (page 8)

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