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*    I hereby grant permission for UnionRefund.org to send a notification letter via postal mail to my union representative on my behalf.

By clicking the submit button and exercising my “Beck” rights, I acknowledge that my union may require me to resign. I understand that by resigning I could lose the privilege to vote on matters set before my union. These matters may include but are not limited to: the election of union officers, decisions about negotiations on collective bargaining agreements, strike votes, and ratification or rejection of contract terms.

I understand that my union must still represent me in matter pertaining to collective bargaining and I am still responsible for paying "financial core dues" for representational expenses. I also understand I will not be denied any benefits under the labor contract with my employer because of non-membership.

Every union member in America is potentially owed hundreds of dollars from their union. Yet most don't know how to go about getting their hard earned money back. Let your friends and co-workers know that UnionRefund.org is here to help them get their money back today.
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What People Are Saying About Union Dues

From Davenport v. Washington Ed. Assn.:

"Unions have no constitutional entitlement to the fees of nonmember-employees.” (page 6)

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